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Downtown Music Vid all finished!

Well that's a wrap, Downtown music video is shot and will be up very soon! Until then, check out We Were Kings and Leather Jacket from a Hallway at Hush on the video page. There may be another one coming…Read more

A couple shots

A couple shots from Friday night at Trees Organic. I've been really loving playing these acoustic shows. The next one will be at The Roxy, June 15th! 

This Friday at The Media Club!!

I am thrilled to be headlining the Media Club this Friday, May 13th! Doors are at 8:30 and advance tix are $10 only! Be there early and make sure you catch In Bliss, Sound Reinforcment, The Racket & Byzantine Blue…Read more

New Show at Cafe Deux Soleils

Brand new show, solo at Cafe Deux Soleils. Artist & Slave is starting the evening, and I'm very excited see his show. Come early and and get yourself situated with a drink and a seat. Sunday, April 10th show @…Read more

Vocals are all done!

Vic and I just finished retracking Lay It On Me with new lyrics. It's bigger and badder now than it was... final touches on that one this week. Also finished vocals for Downtown so officially vocals are finished for the…Read more


The website is live. It's a big year ahead and any news will be coming through here and then beamed out to the netherworlds of social media. In other words, this is the source.

Drums are all finished for Downtown…Read more