1. Closer To You

This song is about an unhealthy obsession over a person the protagonist will probably never meet. It starts off simple enough with the character pining over a model/actor/personality... someone they deem 'beautiful'. As the song grows so does the madness. I would bet no good would come if they ever met.

I’ve never met you but
I know I love you
Call me crazy, see if I care
The floor is spinning circles under my feet
And I feel closer to you

Your body moves like caramel
A soundtrack to remember
I feel a chill as you bite your lip
And I inch closer to you

I want to know your scent
And how you feel at 4AM
Kiss your smile, love your tears
And have known you for years
So I’d be closer to you

Comb back your hair
And I will kiss every single freckle on you
I feel no despair
When this world is just too much I can push play and see you
And you’re always there
Every time this feeling comes over me I know it’s for real
How can I make you see
That you are the one for me?

I want to strip you with my teeth
I want those eyes to be green for me
My lonely mind wanders miles and miles
Just to be closer to you

You step between my thoughts at night
Tiptoe across my lust
If I could reach out and touch
If I was somebody else
I’d be closer to you

I’m just an orphan with a dream
A perfect picture of a man
An ocean away from where I get my name
I long to be closer to you