1. Wasps Wings

From the recording Wasps Wings


My life’s like the ever-changing tides
Stretched tight across this coast
I come in and bring the things that I have seen
And drop them in a song

No matter how hard she blows I always know
That there’s a place to rest my head
I’ll come dancing through any storm for you
To have stones skipped across my breast

My pockets were never lined with gold
I have but trinkets and a couple stories that lay in the sand
The only diamonds I possess are as black as coal
But in my mind’s eye honey they shine if worn on your milky hand

Ask any sailor he’ll be happy to tell you
That the winds of change hold our fate
So throw the mainsail up the mast and let the winds catch
And I will carry you out on my waves

Baby let down your hair, so long and fair
Let it spill into the air we breathe
And I can put upon your finger a promise that will linger
If you think that you can stand by me

With your breath upon my cheek
As sweet and soft as the warm summer rains
Run your fingers through my hair as we breathe
This moment is as delicate as wasps’ wings

Cast my soul into the ocean, tear my shirt open
And carve out my bleeding heart
With a stone as hard as diamond and as black as violence
I swear that we will never part