1. 108th

From the recording 108th


it went down on 108th
by the baseball diamond where all the kids play
where we smoked our first joint in the 8th grade
bought with a five dollar bill that i was paid
by my mom just for holding a rake
and mowing the lawn and cleaning up dinner plates
bought it off Dustin an old classmate
who lived with lizards in a house made of papier-mâché
Sketch and Orlando and a couple more names
we all stood in a circle while our virgin lungs blazed
strolled the neighborhood on a different plane
tripping over our feet with our perspective changed
behind a stained-glass view on a summer's day
bled the colours of youth and the joy of escape
we walked to Chad’s and we laughed ourselves insane
flying like Thurgood only completely baked

it went down on 108th
where we used to buy a slice if we had the change
where we 'tricked or treated' with a pillow case
up the hill from the 'pot spot' and the CN train
back in the day in a pubescent brain
roman candles in our pockets, leaving toys for tags
we roamed the field when it got really late
teenaged lust after dark as we crossed the park
and I stared at her in her blue jeans
I stared at her blow thick smoke rings
left hand held the courage I drank
hypnotized by the sirens as they started to sing
it's all white noise when blood boils in your veins
stumblin' over my words, my tongue fought my brain
I broke a bottle on the moon and it started to rain
I held her close she smelled like halloween

it went down on 108th
but then it was Monday and the milkman came
folks went to work and the school bell rang
the streets were clean, I guess the pavement don't stain
the flag didn't fly so high that day
the family keeps their pride, but they remember a name
two lovers walking past a piece of police tape
crusted with mud, stuck in the gutter where the leaves and scum drain
and they just need a run to win the game
dad and mom cheer on their son at the plate
two out, ninth inning, runner on second base
and the world keeps turning because the ump calls safe