1. Goodbye

From the recording Heavy Rain


Come here little princess
Your brave heart is beating so fast
This world is not fair to children
I promise this pain it won’t last

I never meant to let you down
And I will still play with you in the park
And when your nightlight burns out
You can always call me when it gets dark

Mommy will help you dial
She knows I’m only a phone call away
But now I’ve got to leave you child
It breaks my heart, but daddy just can’t stay

Baby girl you are all I need and
Mommy and me can’t see eye to eye
I don’t think that you’ll understand
But when it’s dead sometimes you’ve got to let it die

Eat your supper before dessert
And hug your teddy when you feel alone
Mommy loves you please listen to her
And brush your teeth the way that you’ve been shown

I spy with my little eye
The most beautiful thing to grace this world
You are the light of my life
And you’ll always be my girl

You’ve cried your tears of pain
You’ve heard us scream you have heard us shout
We didn’t think you’d grow up this way
Our love for you I hope that you will never doubt

This goodbye is not forever
Even though I’m walking out the door
I’ll never really leave you never
Even as our tears strike the floor