1. Trim The Fat

From the recording Heavy Rain


The gods cried down their tears of rage
They struck the ground, fed this earth, their anger rained
In this bed built of sin last night I lay
And my body shook I sobbed and blue skies turned gray

Oh, my intentions were never pure
My heart was wounded it would not be cured
I mourned for my loss, I took what was yours
Stab me ‘neath my ribs my back’s exposed for your dagger’s curse

And when you stab me to the hilt, you won’t feel any guilt
This is what I deserve, my body’s a temple that’s been deserted
Take it out on me if this is what you need
You don’t need to feel any shame coz I’m the one to blame

Plant your seeds of doubt
The rain will be sure to see ‘em sprout
And as I watch our flame go out
With blood on my hands I curse the sky and its merciless clouds

You put your faith in the wrong hands
You tried to catch sunlight, but there were cracks in this man
It fell through my fingers like an infant playing in sand
Our castle was conquered when the tide came in I ran

The anger of the mighty sea, the bittersweet memories
For I was once a child and on these waves we went wild
But it swallowed me up whole, the trident ripped apart my soul
I’m guilty I didn’t want this fate for everyone that was left in my wake

Mother, mother you can’t hold me now
The boy grew up he just didn’t know how
Went down to the shore and the thunder howled
The ocean’s fingers pulled me in as the waves they plowed

And tomorrow the sun will rise again
I’ll take you off that pedestal, come down to earth again
Trim the fat off the image that I carry of you in my head
I’m sorry, I’m sorry my friend